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Advanced Materials in Medicine


Achieving biocompatibility in humans is still the ultimate criteria that will allow transferring innovations in biomedical materials from the lab bench to the patient bedside. This cross-cutting capability aims at integrating considerations for patient safety at the earliest stage of biomedical material development as possible.

As the development of advanced materials for medicine is progressing towards higher levels of complexity, owing to progresses in technologies as well as material and life sciences, so will the regulatory requirements for biocompatibility evaluation and patient safety.

Despite the creation of disruptive technologies to fulfil unmet clinical needs, not achieving biocompatibility or having unanswered safety concerns will remain major limiting criteria for translating new materials from the lab bench to the patient bedside.

AMM's cross-disciplinary approach to biocompatibility and safety research allows us to tackle these challenges from multiple angles at once. By using a proactive approach, a.k.a. safer-by-design, at every step of material development, our research aims to accelerate the translation of innovations to the global healthcare system and to generate the knowledge required by regulators to authorise the safe use of new biomaterials and biomedical products with increasing complexity and functionalities.